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assembly tips
Assembly Tips

How to store items on your storage rack

Large bulk and heavy items should be placed on the bottom shelves. This will help stabilize your rack.


Optional beam assembly

There is also an optional beam assembly for those items which have Double Rivet Beams. Assembling the beam flange down will help prevent items from sliding off the  shelf by building a border around the shelf. Assembling the beam flange up will facilitate sliding items in and out of the shelf.


I am having difficulty assembling the Storage Rack

To facilitate assembly of the your Gorilla Rack® we recommend having two persons build the unit, but not necessary.

Mid sections

Reinforce the mid section of the shelf before installing the top beams.

How do I assemble the top angle post of the shelf assembly?

The double rivet beam used in the mid section should have one rivet in the bottom post and one rivet in the top post. Do not drive the rivet to the bottom of the key hole until you have both rivets securely in both of the posts.

Work Bench  Tips

The Drawer Glide does not disassemble so that I may install each component into place.

Fully extend the drawer glide, on the inner channel there is a black release lever; press      it down and pull to detach the parts. The inner channel should be assembled to the           drawer and the outer channel to the drawer mount.

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