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The "Stowaway"  
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The "Stowaway"
Introducing "The StowawayTM"
The ONLY retractable Heavy Duty Workbench

This exciting new patent pending product is designed in America for maximum utilization of limited space.

Our engineers know how crowded your garage or basement can get, and they appreciate the need to work hard, but then put the project away -- until next time!

The "StowawayTM" is designed exactly for that weekend project worker. Work hard on your project all weekend, but when Sunday night comes around, clean off the bench, swing in the legs and drop down the bench, reducing its’ dimensions to just 6" from the wall.

Type: Folding Project Table
Dimensions: 51.1”W  x 25.5”D x 60”H
Finish: Black
Leg Material: 1.5 inch box steel steel
Work surface material: 1 1/8 inch Wood 
Leg Design: Folding 'K-Leg'

• Unique Folding Design
-Top folds down

-Stows flat to wall and out of way
-Allows tools to remain stored &

accessible on pegboard
• Thick Wood Top
-For strength and durability

• Pegboard Back
-Easy tool arrangement
• Durable Powder Coat Finish

-Resists rust


Model #: GRFK4824-1BDI

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